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Историческая презентация для школьников и студентов из Великобритании и США

В старшем здании нашей школы стартовал Международный интегрированный проект в рамках информационно-исследовательской программы "Мир без границ", участниками которого стали наши старшеклассники и учащиеся профильной школы из США Blue Valley West High School in Overland Park, Kansas и студенты колледжа South Devon College из Англии. Встреча проходила в формате видеоконференции, с Российской стороны была представлена историческая костюмированная презентация на английском языке. Объединяющая идея проекта - Иван грозный и Генрих VIII в фокусе международных и династических отношений России и Великобритании. Учащиеся нашей школы изучали исторические факты того времени, проштудировали большое количество литературы и подготовили этот проект. Помогали ребятам из 8В класса и 11СГИ классов их учитель истории Гиниятуллина Ирина Александровна и учитель английского языка Полионович Оксана Ивановна. Курировала проект замдиректора Чинарева Ольга Александровна.

Вот что написали американские и английские ребята о проекте.
"I learned about Ivan the Terrible. The students put in so much detail to their dancing and singing! I was very impressed by their English and their presentation. This was a great opportunity to be able to interact with students from Russia. I am inspired to create a skit with my classmates and perform for the Russian students!” -Anna Stern
“I learned so much about Russia, their history and many of their Rulers. The Russian students were so talented in all areas. They were very knowledgeable in their history and talented in language, singing, and dancing! I am grateful I was able to be a part of this Skype, it is a rare opportunity and it was a lot of fun! I want to learn more about Russia’s history.” -Halli Khokher
“I was able to learn about Henry VIII’s relationship with Russia. It was incredible to interact with another country and I was amazed at their English! We are about to start studying Russia in my history class and this really helped to get me excited!” -Christian Turiello
“I learned more about Russian life and history. The students were very enthusiastic about their culture and it helped me to understand the material better. I appreciated the effort and detail they put in to their presentation! The technology they used was really good because we could see and hear them all perfectly.” -Cormac Dowdall
“I didn’t realize the struggles Russia went through. The video and pictures the students showed us was really interesting. The detail and effort the students put into the skits was really well done. I am now able to have better visuals with what we are about to learn in class. I am glad we had the opportunity to connect with them! I really hope we can do this again! I am looking forward to our Russian history unit!” -Dima Albadawi

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